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DJ Padrino

Dj Padrino The Connect is from Boston and has been working with the Coke Boys since 2011.

First started with Brock doing a freestyle and interview on the radio in Boston. Then brought Droop Pop and Cheeze to radio as well as started doing shows around the north east with all 3. Then started doing shows and tours with Chinx. After that he began doing multiple shows and after party's with French Montana before doing the same with Lil Durk. He has worked with many other industry artists doing tours with Maino, Jadakiss and many others. He has done multiple FM and online radio stations throughout Massachusetts and Rhode island. He is currently a dj and on air personality at the largest college radio station in New England 90.3 WURI. He has done official mixtapes for Max B and all members of the coke boys. He has dj'd music festivals such as A3c in Atlanta and Hempfest in Boston. He has also dj'd on tours over most of the country and single shows in almost every state along the eastern seaboard.


French Montana Co signs Coke Boys official Dj Padrino The Connect and show footage

Chinx Co signs Coke boys official dj padrino and reveals album JFK and show footage

MAX B co signs dj padrino and talks working together on new mixtapes


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