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Reynes$y Bio

This female powerhouse from the Bronx, Ny symbolizes what being a true Emcee is really about. With her rough around the edge no games lyrics and a name inspired by one of the most iconic beverages in the country, "Reynessy" has slowly been rising her way to the top. Starting off with hits like "Henny & Coke (2015)" and "Rebound (2016)” this enticing round the way type girl has relentlessly been killing the competition. Renny grew up on 193rd and Kingsbridge across from the concourse and Jerome, raised by the streets at a young age Reynessy quickly learned how to get money in a way that she would later pay for. Despite her many run-ins with the law "Renny" has overcome countless adversities in order to maintain her spot in the game. The soon to be mainstream underground artist is due to release her first ever solo project entitled “Gutter baby” some time next fall. Reynessy has also been working on multiple street fire collaborations with Artists such as the Coke Boys, No Mercy Squad, and Global Thugz  just to name a few. The much anticipated "Deadly Don’ette" is sure to become the next big name in Hip-Hop culture, be sure to stay tuned.

Donlife Q  Bio

This Bronx bred hip hop artist grew up under the influences of real MC's, such as Big Pun, Jay Z , and Nas. DonLife Q's vision is based on nostalgic era; his meaning of don life revolves around the multiple decades of kings in entertainment. Q started writing music at the age of nine, and recorded his first project as a member of No Mercy Squad "No Turnin' Back" at age thirteen. Since then DonLife has been performing and showcasing on several venues, and has a various amount of projects. Donlife Q has worked with multiple artists in the industry, such as Droop Pop (Coke Boys), CokeBoy Brock and others. DonLife has touched stages with Torch (Maybach Music Group), Joel Ortiz, Young Joey (Brick Squad), 2 Chainz, and even French Montana himself. DonLife Q has always been a visionary, and his skills as an emcee are on the top of the charts. "No Turnin' Back" 2008 "NMS New Money" 2009 "New York Giant" 2010 "Rhyming For Dummies" 2010 "Frontline" 2011 "Swagg Water" 2011 "The Dark Knight" 2012 "Liberty Of A Don" 2013 "S.K.U.R. (Same Kid Under Rated) EP" 2014 "Rhyming For Dummies 2" 2014

Lucky 7 bio

The young talented Bronx backpack MC has been a writer since the early ages of Hip Hop. With influences of Biggie Smalls, Big L, and Jay Z Luck takes Rap to a whole new level. Aside from his cockiness and arrogant attitude, Lucky is a well highly educated individual. The 7 introduces the amount of letters in his first name. At 15 hit the lab for the first time and became in love with music ever since. "No Turnin' Back" 2008 "NMS New Money" 2009 "Frontline" 2011 "Swagg Water" 2011 "Feelin' Like The Clipse" 2013 "Swagganomics" 2013 Lucky is interestingly unique in His own right. His goals towards gaining mainstream success as a lyricist are endless. This artist truly embodies the Hip Hop Culture as well as the Genre as a whole. Be on the lookout for Lucky's next project entitled "Madd Zach" coming soon.


DonLife Q, Nate Capone, Lucky 7, Frizz, G-Netics - For The Fam

Reynes$y Ft. DonLife Q - Flip An Dip

DonLife Q (NoMercySquad) - Off The Books Freestyle

Don Life Q- Who Shot Ya Freestyle

Lucky 7 Ft. Reynes$y, Produxk (NoMercySquad) - F.A.T.N (Fuck All Them Niggaz)

(NoMercySquad) DonLife Q - Cha Cha Cha

NoMercySquad - Ajax

NoMercySquad - Sucka Free

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